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The Problem

Pressure injuries (or bedsores) are skin and/or tissue injuries that typically occur on certain high-risk areas of the body such as heels, sacrum, elbows, and head. Over 2.5 million Americans are affected by pressure ulcers annually, leading to approximately 60,000 deaths, 17,000 lawsuits, and an estimated $11 billion in healthcare costs. What is responsible for this magnitude of critical health issue? An aging population, people with limited or no mobility, spinal cord injuries, diabetes, and other factors all contribute to the problem. But the problem goes beyond pressure ulcers. Surgical wounds, skin flaps, and diabetic ulcers to name a few can also be exacerbated by pressure. In addition, there has been no data driven solution to eliminate this problem.

In the U.S. 14.8% of patients suffer from pressure ulcers. That’s 2,500,000 patients every year.

The costs of treating pressure ulcers is 3.6 times the cost of preventing them.

In the U.S pressure ulcers cost the hospital sector an estimated $11,000,000,000 per year.

There are several time consuming and costly traditional methods utilized today to prevent and treat pressure ulcers. These methods can include teams of nurses moving patients every two hours, purchases of expensive specialized beds/mattresses that shift patients, and offloading devices for specific parts of the body. However, these alternatives are not always utilized effectively and patients frequently roll back onto compromised tissue after being turned, unknown to the caregiver.

PressureAlert Solution

The PressureAlert® system enables healthcare providers and patients to prevent and heal wounds. Its’ patented technology monitors the amount of pressure and time a patient is on a particular high-risk area of the body. When it finds that a patient is applying too much pressure, it informs the patient and caregiver.

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