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About PressureAlert

As shown below, there are three components to this solution. The dressing contains a pressure sensor that detects when too much pressure is applied and then sends a wireless signal to a bedside tablet. The tablet receives the sensor information and applies a proprietary algorithm to monitor and alert the patient and caregivers when the critical threshold has been passed. It also sends the information to The Cloud website so that patients can be monitored remotely and clinical history can be stored.

Dressing which contains pressure sensor that detect pressure and wirelessly sends information

Tablet which receives the sensor information and monitors and alerts patient and caregiver.

Information is sent to the Cloud to monitor the patient remotely and provide clinical history.

The PressureAlert Advantage

There are many benefits for patients, caregivers, providers, and payors who use the PressureAlert solution.

Patients avoid pain, recover more quickly, and suffer less loss of function, disability, and serious time and financial costs.

Caregivers save time, effort, and reduce the frequency and severity of on the job injuries.

Providers and payors can improve quality of care, decrease costs, and diminish their legal risk.